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Agamoni Australia is a non-profit organisation in Australia, which upholds Hindu Bengali cultural and
religious values celebrating different pujas and other socio-economic activities particularly Durga Puja,
Kali Puja and Saraswati Puja.

About us 

Agamoni has been established with the dedication of some young people who migrated to Australia about 20 years ago. Since then, they have been living in their new home away from home and cherished their life with new environment, new culture and diverse group of people from around the glove.


But they have been missing the practice and celebration of traditional, religious, and cultural program the way they used to celebrate in their childhood.


These families nurtured a dream to build and maintain a full-fledged Hindu organisation to celebrate all those activities such a way that will not only offer them an existence in the society but also provide a platform for all to come together socially, culturally and religiously in harmony.

 Although it seemed a far flung idea back then, over the years a handful of families started gather together now and then and started doing some religious activities.


Through patience and planning, in 2016 Agamoni formed as an organisation and has been promoting cultural and religious programs to give our children and adults many opportunities to have a glimpse of the great culture, and a first-hand experience of how festivals are celebrated across diverse Bangladesh.


It is Agamoni’s priority to pass a deep awareness about the rich heritage unique customs and eclectic Hindu culture of Bangladesh to the younger generation in Australia, so that they can appreciate and take pride in their genealogy.


•   Co-operation
•   Partnership
•   Empowering
•   Respect
•   Friendship


•       Preserve and promote Bangle Hindu            Cultural values to the community
•      Building a social network sharing                  cultural  beliefs and ideas
•      Strengthen cultural harmony and                  peace

Agamoni Australia is committed to promote and preserve Bengali Hindu Cultural values in the wider multicultural society of Australia. We like to build social network to share cultural beliefs and ideas. Agamoni prefers to strengthen cultural harmony and peace within the community. 

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